In this section you will discover the basic components to the OSL structure. Whether you want to conduct classes of 5 or 500, OSL can be tailored to meet the size and needs of your congregation.


Level 1
4 weeks (5 sessions) – 2 hour sessions
Levels 2 – 5
6 weeks (7 sessions) – 2 hour sessions
The first and last sessions act as bookends to the actual 4 or 6 weeks of discipleship.

Weekly Sessions

The 1st Session of any level of OSL begins with a powerful teaching to kick-off the in-class teaching series. Next, students are led through an orientation, which explains the heart of discipleship, the focus of that level, and explanations of the weekly disciplines. At the conclusion of the orientation they will be introduced to their group leader and the other students in their group.

The Remaining Sessions begin with a students meeting one-on-one with their group leader for accountability. They then meet with their group for discussion about the Faithbuilder teachings, and lastly they come all together to hear the in-class teaching.

The Final Session concludes with a time of celebration. Students receive a certificate of completion for that level, they share testimonies, and fellowship together with friends and family.


Facilitators serve by taking care of all the various administrative tasks in each session. They take and track attendance, make class announcements and are responsible to keep the class on schedule.

Group Leaders serve to encourage and care for a small group of students. They meet one on one with their students during each session, as well as bring them together for a time of group discussion. Group leaders also call their students during the week to encourage them and pray for them.

Class Leaders serve as pastoral covering for the class. They are available to talk with students who have needs or challenges that the group leader is unable to address. The class leaders debrief weekly with the group leaders to provide counsel and mentorship on how to best serve their students.

Teachers will be responsible to teach the one in-class teachings per level.

Roles can be combined in a smaller class setting. For example a teacher can also be an class leader, or with a small group the group leader role and the class leader role can be combined.