Level 1

Level 1 is where many people have the most exciting and life- changing experience. In this level students will discover, more deeply than ever before, how much Jesus really loves them and only has the very best in mind for them.

Key Teachings Include:

  • The Love of God
  • Being Right With God – The Believer’s Righteousness in Christ

Level 2

Level 2 takes it up a notch with some of the most treasured studies in OSL. The study of our covenant with God through Jesus Christ will convince students that God’s commitment to us is irrevocable.

Key Teachings Include:

  • Be Filled With The Spirit
  • Blood Covenant – God’s Commitment to keep His word
  • God’s Ways – Reconciling God’s Sovereignty With His Promises

Level 3

Level 3 takes us through studies on the power of the word of God. Students will learn how the Word of God is our primary weapon in the spirit realm, and how and why Satan steals the word of God from our hearts, and how to stop him.

Key Teachings Include:

  • The Sword of the Spirit
  • Sower Sows the Word – God’s Word And How It Produces Results In Our Lives
  • What You See is What You Get

Level 4

Much of the emphasis in Level 4 is on the spirit realm. We will learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit and to minister to people through the manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

Key Teachings Include:

  • Being Led by the Spirit
  • The Power of the Spirit
  • Spirit Life – The Power of Prayer, Worship, and Praise

Level 5

Level 5 will focus entirely on your ministry to others. In this level we will study many of the keys and principles regarding ministry from the Word of God. We will study how to relate to Him in ministry, how to relate to our overseers and peers and how to purify the motives of our heart.

Key Teachings Include:

  • Keys to Ministry
  • Guaranteed Success – Hearing from God and Being Successful in All You Do
  • God is Always Faithful – What God has Said is True for You