A Proven Method

OSL has been refined for over 25 years to maximize impact on individuals. Discover what OSL is and what makes it so effective.

Transforming Lives

Hear how OSL has transformed lives of both life-long believers and new believers.

Used Worldwide

OSL is being used across the globe. Find OSL in a local church near you!

What other pastors and leaders are saying about OSL

Dr. Leslie KeegelPresident of Foursquare Sri Lanka
We have wanted a good discipleship program and the best we have come up with is OSL...
Val ChavesNational Leader of Foursquare Philippines
OSL has started to grip the hearts of those who went through the training. They are growing in their relationship with the Lord and getting more involved in the work of the Lord. More OSL training are now being planned by our coordinators. Thanks to Pastor Jerry Dirmann for sharing OSL with us!